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 Gotcha! Candid Photography becomes the new rage this wedding season

Gotcha! Candid Photography becomes the new rage this wedding season


Imagine a wedding without flashes clicking away or fake smiles only for the camera. Yes! Now you can have an amazing wedding by choosing candid photography which will let you enjoy every single moment of your special day without worrying about posing in different ways. Go about meeting friends and relatives, soak in every moment and the end result will be a beautiful wedding album.


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Most of us have heard stories from friends who have gone through the pain of putting up a fake smile throughout the wedding for hours together. A candid photographer lets the couple and other guests go about doing what their supposed to and captures their real emotions.


The wedding ceremony is captured like how a spectator would see it, thus making the pictures even more appealing and natural. As candid photography is all about ensuring that the subject is caught unaware, one can get best shots of the bride and the groom smiling, talking to each other and conversing with their loved ones..


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Wedding pictures are all about capturing the moment and the emotions which are floating around. So always keep in mind to get a good candid photographer who knows when to click. With changing trends a lot of families are also ready to adopt candid photography as an option to make a wedding magazine.

Candid photography on the whole captures the essence of the entire occasion and rather than concentrating on only the bride and the groom. It focuses on various other aspects like the wedding theme,d cor, food, guestsetc which are essential and add that extra vigour.


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The bride and the groom can make their wedding pictures stand apart from conventional albums by opting for a good candid photographer who can seize the moments which would be cherished forever.

Giving the couple celebrity like feeling, photographers act like the paparazzi catching everybody off guard. Good shutterbugs will develop a flow of events by covering behind the curtain stories and events like the bride and the groom getting dressed, their friends helping them to do so etc. By following all the events carefully, the photographer can develop a storyline which would be much more interesting than just plan wedding pictures with no extra dynamism in them.


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Wedding planners like Myshaadiwale are now incorporating candid photography as part of their services. Being high in demand this genre of photography has become extremely popular amongst young couples who are not afraid of experimenting. So if you are planning to tie the knot soon make sure candid photography is part of your wedding checklist.

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