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 Are you ready for Sail away bliss; For a Cruise wedding!!!

Are you ready for Sail away bliss; For a Cruise wedding!!!

Choose from the top national and international destinations now

Cruise weddings are the next big thing in India. A happy alternate to destination weddings, they have been growing in demand with increased accessibility and a high novelty value. Once a domain of the super rich the cruise liners now in India are aggressively promoting wedding events on board with high degree of customized settings and a unbeatable variety of entertainment on board.

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One needs to love the sea or the clear blue azure waters setting and the gentle lull of the waves to enjoy the premium comforts within. The beautiful scenery, lovely sunsets could well be a highlight of your memories lifelong. Cruise weddings also ensure people are focused on celebrations all along with entertainment for all provided on board. Plus the advantage of a wedding cum honeymoon in the laps of luxury; with tropical weather and beach on hand it spells a holiday mood for all. No wonder its set to be a niche that is growing rapidly. However for a successful cruise wedding consider careful planning before you set sail.

1. Are you ready for sea?

Cruise wedding planner - Myshaadiwale

Since times immemorial, the azure waters have romanced explorers, poets, and lovers alike. Now they are set to be the awe-inspiring backdrop to your wedding. If you are ready to sail into the sunsets with your loved one, Get married at sea, with the ship's captain or first officer officiating, in a ceremony that incorporates special nautical vows. You can have an ideal location onboard like the chapel, with sweeping sea views from atop the ship, or out on deck against the endless horizon. This unique cruise wedding experience offers packages to takes full advantage of the time you'll spend together while onboard, with more romantic extras for you and your partner to enjoy, together.

2. The budget factor

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A cruise wedding has two important components of cost the cost of a cruise liner and the cost of the wedding itself. The cost of a cruise does not depend on the number of guest but on the size of cruise: how many days do you want to be at sea, the places you want to sail to and the type of cabins you book etc The wedding cost per se involves the other segments including decor, photography bride and groom trousseaus even site seeing or on ground events if any.

3. The arrangements: The planning processes for a cruise wedding are more crucial and hence better to appoint a wedding planner. You need to work with what a sea setting with all its wavy weather blows your way. The humid weathers or cool breezes should sway you into celebration mood. The options available are varied, dining entertainment, live performances, stage acts, bigger kitchens, handsome and well appointed staff etc. Most onboard weddings are held in a ship's chapel (not always available), a lounge, the library or a boardroom. But larger liners will work around an offbeat ceremony spots both on decks and inside as you deem fit. While the wedding couple must be passengers on the cruise, most cruise lines with full-service packages include options for wedding guests to come onboard for a few hours for the event too.

4. Cruise liners:

Cruise wedding planner - Myshaadiwale

Well researched options provide you with a good mix of luxurious setting and world class comforts within a set budget. Watch for promotional offers that provide with many freebies and wholesome packages making it not just interesting and unique but economical and worthy; at times reducing cost by 15% to a ground wedding at your desired destination.

5. Destination Galore

Cruise wedding planner - Myshaadiwale

With water content far greater as geographic locales the world is full of surprises for people ready to sail out. Many exotic islands, tropical locales nestled in well developed cities to meet luxury beyond imagination are available for you. Cruise lines also have different packaged set up including romantic cruises, adventure roll outs in keeping with the boisterous and beautiful setting of sun sand and surf. Here s our pick of the top 5 national and international destinations each.

Indian Subcontinent

Kochin wedding planner myshaadiwale

i. Kochi - The Queen of Arabian Sea - Kochi (colonial name Cochin) is a vibrant city situated on the south-west coast of the Indian peninsula in the breathtakingly scenic and prosperous state of Kerala, hailed as 'God's Own Country'. Its strategic importance over the centuries is underlined by the sobriquet Queen of the Arabian Sea. Informally, Cochin is also referred to as the Gateway to Kerala. Kochi is the arguably the ideal starting point for exploring the unfathomable diversity and beauty of Kerala, rated in the top three tourist destinations by the World Travel & Tourism Council and featured in National Geographic Traveler's '50 greatest places of a lifetime'.

Goa Wedding planner - Myshaadiwale
ii. Goa - The Rome of the East - Goa is one of the most happening & visited destinations in India. A tropical paradise, Goa is enchanting all year round, especially during the monsoon, which has its own magic. Goa Beaches make for that perfect picture postcard setting that enchants all. Fringed by coastal trees and lapped by waters of Arabian Sea, options are in plenty: tourist can soak up the sun for that perfect tan; on board to the wedding spirits soar high too.

Chennai wedding planner - Myshaadiwale

iii. Chennai - The Cultural Capital of South India- Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is home to the second biggest beach in the world, the Marina Beach. The beach areas are not friendly to swimmers though a crowd gathers every night to soak up the briny breeze and enjoy a setting sun.Be careful where you swim though -- there is quite a large population of sharks in the area! Visit the Fort Museum, which has a remarkable collection of memorabilia dating back to the days of the Raj. Or visit famous Kapaleeswarar Temple and nearby San Thome Cathedral, said to contain the remains of St. Thomas the Apostle. The Deer Park and the Madras Snake Park are sure to amuse the whole family. The place offers ideal settings for a wedding at port or high seas too. Opt for a traditional set up on board or work unconventional vows on board.

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iv. Mumbai - The film city of the country, Mumbai is a dream house, cosmopolitan in every sense of the word. Once a group of seven islands, the current city stands on the reclaimed land from the seven original islands Colaba, Mazagaon, Wadala, Mahim, Parel, Old Woman's Island and Matunga-Sion. The fisher folks, Kolis, are believed to be one of the earliest inhabitants of the area. The name Mumbai comes from Mumba Devi , a goddess worshipped by the Kolis. The Portuguese occupation of Mumbai and its neighbouring coastal areas in the early 1500s has a huge impact on the city s make-up itself. They called the place Bom Baia , which means good bay in Portuguese. After a few years, the Portuguese princess Catherine married King Charles II of England, and Bom Baia was gifted to the English. They anglicized the name to Bombay. Blessed with a coastal line with diverse flora and fauna and the current commercial capital of India it s a must see place before you die.

Lakshadweep wedding planner - Myshaadiwale

v. Lakshadweep - Coral Island of the country: Lakshadweep means a hundred thousand islands in Malayalam, the local language. However there are only 36 islands having a total area of 32 sq. kilometers. It is the tiniest Union Territory of India with 12 atolls, 3 reefs and 5 submerged banks. Ten Islands are inhabited. They are Agatti, Amini, Andrott, Bitra, Chetlat, Kadmat, Kalpeni, Kavaratti, Kiltan and Minicoy. Lakshadweep is one of the world s most spectacular tropical island systems. Thirty- two sq. km of land spread over 36 islands surrounded by 4200 sq. km of lagoon rich in marine wealth. The precious heritage of ecology and culture is supported by an extremely fragile ecosystem. The Eco tourism Union Territory of Lakshadweep has consciously followed a middle path between tourism promotion and environmental conservation. The islands are endowed with the beauty of coral reef, sandy beaches, unpolluted and clear water and hospitable settings, most of these differ in terms of facilities and services offered. Some islands have been promoted for diving and water sports; still others have been developed so that people enjoy the charm of relaxation and natural enjoyment.

International locales

Bahamas wedding planner - Myshaadiwale

vi. Bahamas: The tropical paradise is a journey onto itself. On a Bahamas cruise with Royal Caribbean International, you'll get to swim with dolphins and tropical fish in turquoise waters, or soar above the sea in a parasail. Then explore the islands thrilling history as a pirate haven and one-time Privateer s Republic with Blackbeard himself as the magistrate. It's a slice of pirate paradise you'll never forget.

Destination wedding planner - Myshaadiwale

vii. Europe River ways: The undoubted king of European waterways is the Rhine, and its course through Switzerland, Germany, and the Netherlands is marked by majestic valleys, scenic vineyards, and the highest concentration of medieval castles in the world. While the Rhine route does make stops at historic cities like Basel, Strasbourg, Cologne, and Rotterdam, the river's most famous stretch is the Rhine Gorge in central Germany, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and widely considered to be one of Europe's most romantic destinations. There, visitors can enjoy a crisp glass of German Riesling, explore enchanting medieval villages, and enjoy an unparalleled natural setting replete with stunning cliff-top castles such as Marksburg etc.

Cruise wedding planner - Myshaadiwale

viii. The Caribbeans: The islands of the Southern Caribbean, which translate roughly to those lying east and south of St. Maarten/St. Martin, have always been slightly more exotic than counterparts in the Western and Eastern Caribbean. Part of that is due to the very strong colonial influence that pervades many of these islands, a great percentage of which are still related to France, the Netherlands and the U.K. the islands, include Aruba, St. Barth's, Curacao, Martinique, Dominica, Barbados, Grenada, Guadeloupe, Antigua, St. Kitts, St. Lucia and Nevis . San Juan as an anchor on Eastern and Southern Caribbean itineraries -- not to mention a turnaround port for many ships -- is a place where just about all cruisers, at some point or another, are going to wind up. Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, and San Juan is its urban hub. The city, by and large, is divided into new and old.

The new includes a business district and outlying neighborhoods, concentrated with hotel chains like Isla Verde. The old is, of course, the historic city within ancient walls. Both offer many Americanisms. Get beyond that, though, because of all America's Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico offers the most exotic aura. The melange of indigenous Taino culture, combined with European and African influences in San Juan (and all of Puerto Rico, for that matter), is one major factor. Add to that its own unique influences in areas ranging from cuisine and music to history and art. And there's more: folks who have traveled to Cuba say that Old San Juan reminds them more of Cuba, at times, than Cuba itself! It's also very Spanish (think Seville) and even a bit Italian (reminiscent of Naples). Finally, the city evokes just a wee taste of South America (like Buenos Aires).

And there's one more thing to keep in mind: many cruises stay in port until late at night. That makes it easy to sample the night life here easily.

Destination wedding planner - Myshaadiwale

ix. Asian escapade : The Sea experience offers a never-before perspective of Asia, as you visit an exciting new country almost every day: China, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam and indulge in some of the finest dining, entertainment, shopping, sporting and other exciting lifestyle experiences aboard any cruise ship! May we recommend the Malaysian escapade. Kuala Lumpur is a city of diversity. Visit the Gold Triangle district for shopping and entertainment, sample street food or visit the Petronas Towers at night when it is brightly lit. Langkawi is a tropical island replete with golden sands and swaying palm trees. Aquamarine waters beckon you to swim in the calm sea or go scuba diving to view the spectacular marine life. Penang is rich in culture and history. Visit the Khoo Kongsi clan house or pay obeisance at the temples. Tantalize your taste buds with Nonya cuisine and shop for handicrafts to take home. A visit to 'the pearl of the Orient' is definitely called for. 

Dubai wedding planner - Myshaadiwale

x. Middle Eastern hot spot: Dubai is the proverbial oasis in the desert with glittering malls and gold souks beckoning you to indulge in shopping sprees. Cruise itineraries in the Middle East range from repositioning cruise from Dubai to Singapore on the Mariner of the Seas and a 16 night one on Celebrity Cruise Lines. Discover the desert dunes of the area and couple it with high street shopping in Dubai - unravel the mysteries the Middle East by taking this fascinating cruise. Explore the very best of the Middle East where tradition and modernity collide and throw up an interesting amalgam. From the interesting souks of Muscat to the designer stores in Dubai, to the mountains of Fujairah, from swimming with the dolphins in Aqaba to desert safaris in Dubai, the Middle East offers this and much more. Come and discover for yourself!

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